Petrosains Science Show Competition


  • It is an interactive science demonstration that aims to bring unambiguous scientific knowledge to its audience through performance.
  • All students from Form 1 – Form 6; inclusive of private school students.
  • All students must be Malaysian citizens.
  • You can fill up the online registration form here.
  • Complete the Entry form which can be downloaded from the Petrosains Science Show Competition website.
  • You can also contact our Petrosains facilitators at 03-2331 1249. We will email / fax / post the entry form to you.
  • Entry forms can be acquired at the respective State Education Department (JPN) Co-curriculum Units (Science, Mathematics & Technology sub-units).
  • Entry forms must be submitted latest by 31 May 2018.
  • The script and recorded performance for preliminary must reach the secretariat at least two weeks before the state level started.
Criteria Marks
1 General overview 10%
2 STEM content 40%
3 Performance 25%
4 Style & Delivery 15%
5 Extra 10%
Total 100%

Please refer to here.

  • Topics/Concepts based on the science education syllabus (physics, chemistry, etc.) of Malaysian Schools. Most importantly, it should be interesting.
  • Participants are not allowed to include sensitive issues such as religion, race, politics, sex, etc.
  • Readily available items that can be obtained easily.
  • Recycled materials can also be used as long as it is appropriate and can be seen clearly when it is on stage.
  • Usage of daily household items and used-materials are strongly encouraged.
  • Most importantly, instruments used must be non-hazardous, simple, not too expensive and easily acquired!

For any queries, feel free to contact:
Petrosains Science Show Competition 2018 Secretariat
Petrosains Sdn. Bhd.

Aras 4, Suria KLCC,
Menara Berkembar PETRONAS
50088 Kuala Lumpur

TEL: 03-2331 1249 / 1170
FAX: 03-2331 1212 / 2903

Encik Muhammad Faisal Isa:
Puan Nurul Aini Roslan:
Or Log on to our Facebook:

  • Interaction with the audience should be a part of your show. Therefore you are advised to invite them on stage and involve them in your show.
  • Dangerous experiments are prohibited.
  • If you are uncertain of the safety of the instruments used, please seek expert advice and notify us immediately.
  • Subject to the creativity of the teams.
  • Should not restrict movements.
  • Participants are allowed to wear costumes that are simple, decent and neat or comfortable.
  • The wearing of school uniforms will not be an issue.
  • Participants are free to pick either Bahasa Melayu OR English as their medium of presentation.
  • Chosen language should be appropriate. Abusive, indecent, profane, or vulgar language is not allowed in the show.

The Petrosains Science Show Competition 2018 will be held in 3 levels which are the selection level, state level and the final.


Registration is now open

31 May 2018
Closing Date

July - September 2018
State Level

October 2018