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We believe that discovering and learning can take place at any time and anywhere. Our team has put together some unique and fun activities you and your loved ones can do side-by-side. Go on – try it out!

Try this at home!

Build Your Own Circuit Tree

The festive season is upon us! Join our science communicator Faisal Isa in bringing the holiday cheer home by engineering your very own festive mini ‘Circuit Tree’!

Soil Moisture Bit

Houseplants are one of the most common and trending activity nowadays. Other than helping to freshen up the air, it also eliminates up to 87% air toxins within 24 hours!

Could The Twin Towers Become Rusty?

We often hear that environmental pollution can give harmful effects on humans or animals, but did you know that it can also affect things around us such as buildings?

The Biology of Bread

The role of yeast in making bread dough in highly essential. Check out the video to understand the science behind it.

3D-Printing One Thousand Face Shields

Our Petrosains Maker Studio in Tanjung Aru, Kota Kinabalu was recently given an opportunity to directly contribute to the community during this Covid-19 pandemic.

Balancing Forks

Your challenge is to balance two forks at the edge of the wine glass with just a toothpick. Let’s watch this easy trick that you can try at home!

Acid Rain

Let’s do this simple experiment at home! Acid rain is caused by a chemical reaction when a certain element released into the air. This activity can help us understand the science behind it with ease.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recyle) is a very good practise to avoid wastage on resources. Little by little, everyone can make a difference. So the next time you are about to throw that plastic, think again! Let’s watch the video above to see the type of material and what it means.

Melted Crayon

Do you have any crayons to spare? Let’s heat them up and make art out of it. Make sure you do with your parents, okay!

Hand Soap Dispenser

Let’s learn how you can make your own hand soap dispenser using Arduino!

How to Make Your Own Playdough

Let’s make your own playdough with this easy tutorial video!

Lukisan Bayang-bayang

Let’s make some arts! This video shows you how you can make use of the shadow to create your personal shadow’s painting!

DIY Origami Box

Let’s make your own origami box with this easy tutorial!

Coffee Racing

Let’s try out this coffee racing challenge with your family at home!

Sabun dan Minyak

Mari cuba eksperimen ini untuk memahami bagaimana sabun bertindak balas dengan minyak di dalam air!

Beeswax Food Wrap

Beeswax is an organic material that can easily melt when heated; however, it is safe to use for food wrapping. More importantly, this beeswax wrapping paper can be reused multiple times!

Fighting the Coronavirus

Let’s find out why the whole world depends on us in fighting the virus.

PPE Donning and Doffing

Watch this to understand better how our front liners put hygiene as the top priority.

Can Hand Sanitizer Catch on Fire

Find out how hand sanitizer can catch on fire with this informational video.

STEM Did You Know STEM Did You Know

9 Tips on How to Conduct Your Online Teaching Experience

#1: Record the Lesson

It’s best to record your lessons in case any one of your students are not able to attend due to a home emergency or sickness. Giving them the option to access your lessons at a later time is valuable.

#2: Teach with Visuals

With lessons now being taught through slideshows, you can use fun animation, imagery, audio and videos to keep your class engaged (especially the little ones)! As you’re not physically there to guide your students, they may have a tendency to lose focus. Hence, it would be a good idea to show your face every now and again as research shows that a familiar face commands attention.

#3: Get Organized

There are many online tools and websites, such as Blackboard, that you can use to organize your reading materials, allocate homework and set up quizzes! It’s the easiest way to stay organized.

#4: Keep Lessons Short

There are many things that can lead to distractions at home. Keep your lessons short and compact to ensure your students stay attentive.

#5: Identify Struggling Students

Some students may struggle in a new learning environment. Always monitor those students and have a one-to-one session with them if required. Find out what they’re struggling with and provide solutions to those problems.

#6: Check Students Who Aren’t Paying Attention

Make sure students are paying attention in class by periodically calling their names and asking questions. Fun activities and tasks are also a great way to keep students tuned in!

#7: Encourage Social Community

You can encourage your students to enter the group chat 15 minutes before a lesson to socialize with their classmates, which creates a positive social environment. They can talk to each other, discuss homework, and the added advantage is they won’t be late for class!

#8: Keep Your Availability

Set aside 1-2 hours a day for your students so they can set up meetings with you to discuss homework and school-related issues.

#9: Invest or Request for Good Equipment

It’s important to give your students the best learning experience at home, so do request or invest in good digital equipment such as webcams, microphones and speakers. If they aren’t in good working condition, you may encounter some difficulties or technical glitches which could disrupt the lesson.

STEM Did You Know STEM Did You Know

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STEM Did You Know STEM Did You Know

Petrosains STEM Live

Membina Pelajar, Membangun Negara!

Apakah perkembangan dan kejayaan terkini yang dapat dilihat hasil daripada ‘Maker Education’ di dalam pendidikan STEM di Malaysia?

Cabaran Dunia Digital Masa Kini

Perkembangan dunia digital di dalam era Big Data dan Internet of Things (IOT) kini menjadikan kehidupan amat bergantung dengan internet sebagai jendela penting.

Sains Di Sebalik Kesihatan Mental

Saintis mempercayai bahawa isu-isu ini berpunca dari masalah komunikasi antara neuron-neuron di otak (neurotransmission).

Pembelajaran Konvensional dan E-Pembelajaran

Pembelajaran tradisional sering digambarkan sebagai pembelajaran di dalam bilik darjah bersama guru yang akan mengawal aliran penyampaian ilmu dan maklumat.

With Big Instagrammer Comes Big Data

Learn how to access the science, in terms of figures and data that would enable you to develop your brand and help you to make decisions on how you should project yourselves on Instagram.

The Key to Better Healthcare?

New viral diseases appear approximately one every year! These emerging diseases are a major threat to both human and animal health, and they mainly originate from animal hosts.

New Virus Emergence

Did you know? New viral diseases appear approximately one every year! These emerging diseases are a major threat to both human and animal health, and they mainly originate from animal hosts.

Norma Baharu Covid-19

Wabak Covid-19 telah melanda kita sejak Disember 2019. Seluruh dunia terkesan dengan cabaran yang tidak diduga dari segi sosioekonomi dan Malaysia tidak terkecuali daripada menerima akibat dari pandemik ini.

STEM Did You Know STEM Did You Know


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