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Inspiring Those Who Inspire

Sometimes educators need a helping hand, too; after all, they’re responsible for inspiring the next generation to embrace the many possibilities of science. As such, Petrosains tailors cut-through, future-forward programmes that help arm educators with best practices and creative ideas to make classroom teaching and learning more exciting. Ask about our half-day professional development programme happening on selected Saturdays throughout the year.

All of our facilitators are certified educators with a passion for inspiring creativity, collaboration, and critical thinking. We measure our success through the confidence and competence we instill in those we support. Through our mentoring and coaching support, we help teachers through the pre-planning, reflecting, and problem solving aspects of STEM education through observations and targeted feedback, co-planning lessons, and modeling lessons for teachers. This service can also be geared for administrators, instructional coaches, and professional development facilitators.

For further enquiries, please contact

M Imran Arif B M Arif
03-2331 1657