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Thermal Powered Flower Explore the physics behind thermal air currents (hot air rising) by harnessing them to power a spinning paper flower. This pancasains is to demonstrate the application of Solar Updraft Tower in the simplest way.
Salt Water Lamp By the end of this activity, visitor understands the saltwater lamps can be used in various occasions, camping, hiking, outdoor cycling, emergency rescue, family activities, hurricane, power cuts and other outdoor emergencies, etc.
Photovoltaic Cell Learn about the photovoltaic cell, which is also known as a solar cell. This electronic component will generate electricity when exposed to particles of light, such as sunlight. Discover how the technology harness solar energy and convert it to electrical energy through our pancasains demonstration such as solar car and how it contributes to net-zero carbon emission 2050 goals.
Geothermal Thermometer Liquid-filled thermometers have been used for centuries to measure temperature. Through this pancasains, let’s learn and explore about thermal energy and heat transfer, which is a discipline of thermal engineering that concerns the generation, use and exchange of thermal energy (heat) between physical systems.
Note: All activities are subject to change without prior notice.

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