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  • Astronaut Keychain

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    Let’s go on an adventure with the adorable Astronaut Keychain! The Astronaut Keychain will be an excellent decoration for your children’s...
  • CACTUS PEN Combo

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    The CACTUS PEN Combo includes: 1x Cactus Pen (9101119) 1x MANJE Single Embroidery (9163021) With the Cactus Pen Combo, you will...
  • COMBO 1

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    With COMBO Pack 1, your kids will be fully prepared for whatever schoolwork that awaits them in the near future! With four unique types of writing...
  • COMBO 2

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    COMBO Pack 2 includes:
    • 1x Lenticular Notebook (2240002)
    • 1x Lenticular Ruler (2240004)
    Decorated with an...
  • COMBO 3

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    COMBO Pack 3 includes a large set of PETROSAINS Pencils and Dino Erasers. The PETROSAINS Pencils are premium quality pencils with all kinds of unique...
  • COMBO 5

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    COMBO Pack 5 is the ultimate stationary set for children who love PETROSAINS and Dinosaurs! COMBO Pack 5 includes a pair of MANJE Dino Notebook...
  • COMBO 6

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    COMBO Pack 6 offers children a pair of two Keychains that contains dazzling images of the wonders of Science and PETROSAINS! COMBO Pack 6...
  • COMBO 7

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    COMBO Pack 7 offers a pair of two Keychains engraved with detailed images of cute Dinosaurs and PETROSAINS’ engineering marvels! COMBO Pack 7...
  • Dino Keyring

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    This adorable Dinosaur Keyring is a great gift to be your children’s next best friend! Soft, light, and durable, these cute dinosaurs will...
  • Dino Wristband COMBO

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    The Dino Wristband Combo includes: 1x Dino Wristband (9363034) 1x Petrosains Button Magnet (9179009) Bring a piece of Petrosains back home with...
  • Stationery COMBO

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    The STATIONERY COMBO includes: 3x Dinosaur Eraser 2x Petrosains Pencil 2x Petrosains Ball Pen 1x Lenticular Notebook 1x Lenticular Ruler The...