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Bubble Gatling 8 Hole


INNOVATIVE BUBBLE DESIGN: The Bubble Gatling 8 Hole has 8 bullet holes to blow out hundreds of colourful bubbles per minute
SAFE AND HIGH QUALITY: Made of safe and high-quality ABS plastic, the toy is designed to be durable and safe for children
SAFETY COOL FAN MODE: The Bubble Gatling 8 Hole also has a small fan, which can be used to cool down or to blow bubbles
EASY TO USE: Using 3 AA batteries (batteries are not included), pour the bubble solution into the complementary plate, dip the bubble gun into the bubble solution and press the switch, and enjoy a bubble fun time!
PERFECT GIFT: With an interesting and unique design, the Bubble Gatling 8 Hole promotes the development of imagination and creativity for children while keeping them entertained for hours

Additional Information:
1 X Small 8 Holes Transparent LED Light Gatling Electric Bubble Machine Gun
1 X Bubble Liquid 50ml
1 X Bubble Liquid Cup

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