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Building Block Tangram


“Tangram” is a puzzle consisting of seven different colour blocks. Children can use their creativity and assemble various characters, images, animals, bridges, houses, etc.

This puzzle is a push pop stress relief educational decompression toy. Helps develop children’s creativity, concentration and intelligence. Push pop bubbles can now be DIYed by children and can train their crafting ability. It is the best educational toy for family, friends and children to enjoy creating for hours.

It is made of high-quality, eco-friendly silicone that is harmless to humans and pets. It is durable and can be washed and used repeatedly. Mothers can rest assured of buying for their children. It can be used as an educational toy for children and a squeeze toy for stress relief. You will hear a slight pop when the bubble is pushed down. Then repeat the action from the back, returning to its original state.

Children can recognize many shapes and colours, from simple plane shapes to three-dimensional shapes, freely combine ideas and colours, and learn new knowledge from games.

It is made of eco-friendly material, can be used repeatedly and is durable. If you wipe it gently with warm water, kids can clean the toys themselves; they are washable and infinitely reusable. Material: Plastic. Size: Length: Approx. 25cm Width: Approx. 17cm Thickness: Approx. 2cm

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