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Building Block


The Building Block is a fun game for children aged 3 and above. This is a fun educational toy with 26 colourful soft silicone blocks and a tray – a total of 8 colours and shapes, allowing kids to learn colours, numbers and shapes. This intellectual game is suitable for training children’s logical thinking and fine motor skills.

This is not only a bubble game but also a building block, puzzle and tangram. It’s lightweight and easy to put in a bag and hold in hand, making it pop wherever you go. Comfortable and soft touch, bright colours, and pleasant sound let you enjoy the pleasure of squeezing and relieving stress effectively. You can choose from various ways to play; play alone or with family and friends.

Create simple shapes into three-dimensional shapes, freely combine ideas and colours and learn new knowledge from games. The unique design and various ways of playing can meet the needs of all ages. They will use their mind, critical thinking and imagination to play the puzzle and feel accomplished when they are done.
Press the bubbles to make them pop slightly; then flip over and start!

It is made of eco-friendly material, can be used repeatedly and is durable. If you wipe it gently with warm water, kids can clean the toys themselves; they are washable and infinitely reusable.
Size: Length: Approx. 25cm Width: Approx. 17cm Thickness: Approx. 2cm

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