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Discover The Human Body


Discover the magic of HOV Technology and Augmented Reality with the EdutoolApp: Discover Series! The Discover Series are exciting reference tech-books designed to help children discover and learn more about the world around them! With this book, your children can discover first-hand about the wonders of our very own body!

Bring the human body to life in 3D with EdutoolApp, no 3D glasses required! EdutoolApp is an Augmented Reality (AR) app that makes 3D models come to life when scanning this AR-enabled book. Not only do your children have a physical product to learn more from, they can also learn through the EdutoolApp on your mobile phone. With the EdutoolApp, your children can examine the human skeleton in greater detail, explore the human eye, and many more! All of this can be brought to life on the very pages of this book!

Download EdutoolApp today to see the amazing human anatomy right at your very fingertips! With the best of both worlds of physical and digital learning mediums, kids of all ages will stay engaged and learn as well as they can!



  1. Download ‘EDUTOOL Apps: Hands on Augmented Reality’ at your
  2. appstore and open the app (A QR code is attached at the back of the book that provides a direct link to the app)
  3. Use the password tag from inside the book and key in your password into the app
  4. Aim and point the device’s camera at the marked pages within the book
  5. See a magical surprise appear on top of the pages
  6. To exit, simply press your home button

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