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MYDUINO Motive Board Robotic Kit


Robots are great motivational tools for kids to learn computational thinking and programming. It provides a gateway into the world of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) for students from primary level up to secondary level. With the ability to expand features already available on the Motive Robot, even University students and hobbyists of all ages would benefit from endless possibilities to tinker and invent.

From controlling the Motive Robot remotely, programming unique tasks, and completing design challenges, this Robotic Kit makes learning robotics, electronic, and programming a fun activity and allows for a more practical-based STEAM education for children of all ages.

Enhance Your Digital Skills with Motive:

• Computational Thinking Skills
• Embedded System Skills (Electronics and Software)
• Programming Skills
• Mechanical Skills
• Robotic Skills

By having a Motive Kit, you’ll learn:

• What is Embedded System and Robotics
• What is Arduino and its Components
• How to Control Outputs with Arduino Programming
• How to Read Inputs with Arduino Programming
• How to Make an Obstacle Avoidance Robot
• How to Make a Line Follower Robot
• How to Make a Wireless Control Robot
• How to Create an Alarm Clock using Real-Time Clock Module
• How to Make an MP3 Player
• How to Make a Robot that Follows Light
And many more!

By having one Motive Kit and passion, you can become a digital hero!


The Motive Robot’s unique two-board construction allows for it to be used as the “brain” for various instrumentation-based prototypes. The two (2) boards of the Motive Robotic Kit consist of:

1. Top Board – Main board, where the Motive’s Brain is located:

• 1x Microcontroller ATMega2560 (Arduino MEGA Compatible)
• 12x LED Array (arrange in clock form, from LED1 until LED12)
• 1x RGB LED
• 1x OLED Display 128×64
• 1x SHT1x Humidity & Temperature Sensor
• 1x 5 Ways Joystick Keypad (UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, ENTER)
• 2x Pushbuttons (PB1 & PB2)
• 1x HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Socket
• 1x Serial Mode Switch
• 4x 3 Pin-Header Extensions (Signal, 5V and GND)
• 2x Digital I/O Pins (D12 & D13) |
• 2x Analog Input Pins (A9 & A10)
• 1x Passive Buzzer
• 1x Light Dependent Resistor (LDR)
• 1x Real-Time Clock (DS1307)
• 1x MP3 Player Module (VS1053B)
• 1x MicroSD Card Reader
• 1x XBEE/WiFiBee/BluetoothBee Socket
• 1x Audio Jack for Speaker Output
• 1x DC Jack Power Input (Recommended: 7V-9V)
• 1x B-Type Female USB Port with Silicon Labs CP2102 USB Driver
• 1x Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver (TB6612FNG)
• 1x 8 Ways IDC Connector for Motor Control to Bottom Board
• 1x 6 Ways IDC Connector for Line Tracking Sensor to Bottom Board
• 1x Terminal Block for Motor Connector

2. Bottom Board – What makes the Motive move and follow the line:

• 1x Dual 18650 Battery Holder and Connector
• 1x 5 Array of Line Tracking Sensor (QRE1113)
• 2x Micro DC Geared Motor with Wheel and Mounting
• 1x Voltage Stabilizer
• 1x ON OFF Motive’s Switch
• 1x 8 Ways IDC Connector for Motor Control from Top Board
• 1x 6 Ways IDC Connector for Line Tracking Sensor from Top Board

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