Phone Microscope


Expand your children’s horizon with the 30X Magnification Zoom Microscope for Smart Phones. Simply attach the microscope onto your smart phone, align the microscope lens with your device’s camera lens, and turn on the phone’s camera to check out the new close-up view. Suitable for all types of smart phones and easy to use, the phone microscope is an essential tool for your children to explore not only the great world of nature, but also the various unique things at home!

List of Features:

  • Fun learning toy for kids with their parents’ supervision
  • Easy to use with no specific adjustment
  • Easy to record videos and images using this microscope
  • Suitable for all types of Smart phones
  • Bright LED light of the magnifying glass provides enough light at any dim condition.


Package size: 25.5×18.5 cm

  • Battery included
  • Suitable for age 3+

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