Science Show

Putting on a Show

Gone are the days when science was considered dry, unapproachable and inaccessible; just browse through YouTube and you’ll see the magic of science in all of its mesmerising, jaw-dropping, I-can’t-believe-they-did-that glory! Better yet, see it LIVE and in-your-face at one of our signature science shows. No rehearsals. No CGI. Just science, plain, simple – and absolutely amazing.

Time Science Show
Light up some fire and learn about the science of combustion.
12.00pm GAS SHOW
Let’s discover the general properties of gas!
Get to know the characteristic of bubbles and how it is formed.
Let’s explore the science of cryogenic through liquid nitrogen
Note: All activities are subject to change without prior notice.

Mini Shows

Fast-Paced Science Surprises

Not all of our shows are grand productions; some take just minutes, but are just as unforgettable. The best way to experience them? Be part of the experiment! Our Mini Shows thrive on audience interaction, so be prepared to jump in and join the fun!

Month Station
Space Sparkz Platform Future Energy
January – March Never Wet Tissue
Find out how to keep tissues dry underwater.
Travelling Flames
Find out how to relight a candle through its smoke and learn the science behind it.
Flammable Bubble
Discover the dangers of combustion in daily life items.
D.I.Y. Ventilation
Cool off and discover natural ventilation methods.
Flying Teabag
Let’s discover how to make a teabag fly!
Carbon Dioxide
Get to know why carbon dioxide is used to put out a fire.
Explore the natural process of liquefaction.
Venturi Effect
Learn the physical principles of the Venturi effect and how it is used in cone fans.
Week Special
(14 – 22 March)
Vapour Spirit
Learn about cloud formation and make your own cloud in a bottle.
Floating Strip
Discover how the “strip” floats mysteriously inside a container.
Handheld Fireball
Conquer your fear and hold a fireball in this hot experiment!
Thermal Powered Flower
Harness the air to spin a paper flower and explore the concept of thermal air current.
Note: All activities are subject to change without prior notice.