STEM Workshop

Can STEM be taught online? Join our fun-engaging STEM workshops, where our science communicators will be with you via a virtual platform to experience hands-on activities. Discover the world of STEM through a series of STEM workshops happening on a virtual platform. You will be receiving a complimentary STEM Kit when you purchase selected workshop.

Time: 10.00am – 11.00am

  • LED Lantern – 13 October

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    10 -12 years old Closing date: 30 September Upgrade your night lamp into a non-wired battery-saving lamp and learn how the circuit works! A circuit is the path that an electric current travels...

  • LED Flashlight – 23 October

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    7 - 12 years old (1 family 1 child) Closing date: 8 October LED Flashlight activity provides students with an understanding of electric circuits and positive/negative charges in a fun way They also...

  • Color Play – 24 October

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    6 - 9 years old (1 family 1 child) Closing date: 9 October Color play are great activities for children age between 6-9 years old to explore the world of colours : primary & secondary colors and...

  • Mini Drone – 27 October

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    11 - 12 years old Closing date: 12 October Have you ever imagine a copter hover on your hand With Mini Drone activity participants will be able to learn the flying concept of a drone and get the...

Guest Workshop