Fun Learning Workshops & Activities

Science As It Should Be: Fun, Engaging, Mind-Blowing

Learning in the classroom is all well and good, but nothing sparks curiosity, interest and inspiration like truly hands-on scientific discovery – which is exactly what our workshops, shows and activities are here for!


Meet The Experts

Learn, ask, and engage with our scientists as they share their latest ground-breaking research with you!

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The Maker Studio

Petrosains Maker Studio

Licence to Create

At the Maker Studio, the only limit is your imagination. Let your creativity flow and watch your innovation come to life in a series of exciting Maker-based activities.

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Creative Science for Schools

Creative Science For School - Primary School

Field Trips of a Lifetime

Available for pre-school, primary and secondary students, Creative Science for School turns routine field trips into unforgettable scientific journeys.

Creative Science For Preschool Creative Science For Primary School Creative Science For Secondary School Creative Science For Maker Studio