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20th Anniversary Workshops

20th Anniversary Workshop

Complimentary Workshops – Because We Can

A variety of exciting workshops are coming your way – for FREE! Held all week long during our 20th Anniversary celebration.

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The Maker Studio

Petrosains Maker Studio

Licence to Create

At the Maker Studio, the only limit is your imagination. Let your creativity flow and watch innovation come to life in a series of exciting Maker-based activities.

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Creative Science For School

Petrosains Creative Science For School

Field Trips of a Lifetime

Available for pre-school, primary and secondary students, Creative Science for School turns routine field trips into unforgettable scientific journeys.

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STEM Did You Know STEM Did You Know

Petrosains Playsmart

Petrosains PlaySmart
Petrosains Playsmart

Discovery, Now Even Closer to You

Petrosains brings exciting scientific discovery and inspiring activities closer to you with Petrosains Playsmart, now at a town near you.

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PETRONAS StreetSmart

Petrosains StreetSmart
PETRONAS StreetSmart

The Road to Safer Journeys

When it comes to road safety, it’s best to start them young. Petronas StreetSmart brings together engaging activities and exhibits to help children get, well, street-smart from an early age.

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The Discoverer’s League

Be Part of Unlimited Discovery

Gain unlimited access to Petrosains and enjoy FREE general admission to over 350 science centres and museums in 20 countries with a Petrosains membership.

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