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Closed from 18 March 2020 until further notice

Petrosains PSA

Stay Calm

During the Movement Control Order imposed by the Government of Malaysia, the best thing for us to do is remain calm at all times.

The partial lockdown, beginning from 18 March, is to curb the spread of #COVID19. There is no need to worry or panic because all business premises will close except for essential services such as supermarkets, wet markets, grocery shops, and convenience stores.


Petrosains PSA

Social Distancing

What is ‘Social Distancing’?

The idea is to maintain a distance between you and other people.

Moreover, the Government of Malaysia has already advised Malaysians to practise social distancing or staying at least one metre apart from each other to help slow the spread of #COVID19.

Petrosains PSA

Keep Clean

Washing hands could be a powerful weapon against #COVID19. It could be far more effective against germs than you might realize.

Coronaviruses, like COVID-19, are encased in a lipid envelope, which is basically a layer of fat. Soap can break that fat apart and make the virus unable to infect you.

Not only that, soap makes skin slippery so that with enough rubbing, you can pry germs off and rinse them down the drain.

STEM Did You Know STEM Did You Know

Petrosains PlaySmart

Petrosains PlaySmart
Petrosains Playsmart

Discovery, Now Even Closer to You

To extend the science centre experience to communities outside the Klang Valley, the Petrosains PlaySmart satellite centre was first set up in 2003. Over the years, more Petrosains PlaySmarts were placed within the community to allow easy accessibility for families and children to visit the centres.

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PETRONAS StreetSmart

Petrosains StreetSmart
PETRONAS StreetSmart

The Road to Safer Journeys

In the interest of road safety education and awareness, PETRONAS StreetSmart is a travelling exhibition brought to the public by Petrosains to present the science behind road safety. The exhibition showcases interactive exhibits and activities to immerse and engage visitors in learning about road safety.

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The Discoverer’s League

Be Part of Unlimited Discovery

Gain unlimited access to Petrosains and enjoy FREE general admission to over 350 science centres and museums in 20 countries with a Petrosains membership.

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