Where Science Gets Hands-On

You can learn something through books, on a computer or in a classroom, but your education is never complete until you experience it first-hand. That what the Petrosains Industrial Programme is for; to give undergraduates a truly hands-on experience of what it takes to keep a science centre going and growing.

No program available at the moment.

Thank you for your interest in Petrosains. This program is not currently applicable under Petrosains Sdn Bhd. However, you can still apply for training programs under PETRONAS as the link below:

PETRONAS Internship Careers

Please find below the focal person in charge of PETRONAS Opportunity Program:

1) Zekiah Bt Hassim (email : zekiah_hassim@petronas.com)
2) Nor Adliana Adnan (email : noradliana.adnan@petronas.com)
3) Rohana Bt Abu Jasman (email : rohana_jasman@petronas.com.my)

We wish you best of luck!

For further enquiries, please contact either

Norfarah Aimi Mustafa
Executive, Talent Sourcing & Industrial Relation

Nur Azreen Mohd Asmadi